Behind J. Christine 

J. Christine portrays a style of artsy-chic. With all handbags and accessories designed and assembled in house, J. Christine strives for that fun comfort with touches of chic style. All designs lean towards Eco-friendly materials, as that is one goal of J. Christine, sustainability. All handbags are made from vegetable tanned leather, up-cycled leather, and upholstery fabric. J. Christine uses Eco-friendly tactics such as up-cycling and recycling. All designs are limited, allowing them to be truly one of a kind items. 

The mission of J. Christine, and the woman behind the brand, is not only to design and create one of a kind handbags, that bring out each individual personality, but to encourage young girls and women to embrace their gifts and talents given by God. We are here to show that working hard and following God’s will, everyone can go after and achieve their desires and dreams. We are here to encourage being comfortable with ones self and style and to teach and share the same passion we all have, sewing and handbags. Embrace your gift given by Him, and we will all succeed.