Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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What's in the Denim Bag?

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! I am ready to talk denim with you!
If you don't know already, the new collection for Spring/Summer 2022, has dropped, and it's the "Denim Collection."
recycled denim and leather weekender bag
This collection is composed of 6 different bag styles. Four are made from recycled denim, AKA jeans! Yup, you read that right. They are made from gently used jeans. The fifth handbag is made with brand new denim. We had to do this to achieve the detail stitch design, you will ready about below. The sixth we call a "denim like" because of the multiple hues of blue, that is similar to denim. However, it's actually made from an upholstery fabric. 
So, why did we do this collection? Well, ya girl loves denim and I wanted to incorporate that into our handbags. That is exactly what we did. 
To help make these handbags as sustainable as possible, this is where the recycled denim comes into play. The goal of sustainability is to reduce as much waste as possible. With using recycled denim, we can do that. 
recycled denim and leather bucket bag
Okay, let's formally introduce y'all to each handbag!
The first bag is the denim bucket back. It's a perfect traditional bag that has a leather base and leather accents. It has purse feet to keep the base clean and the leather is scratch resistant. Detailed with a metal link drawstring and double magnetic snap closure. (Yeah, your stuff ain't goin' nowhere). This bag is finished off with an adjustable cotton strap. 
Denim bucket bag with leather
Second is the denim tote bag. This bag design is the same as the previous two totes (leopard and cow print) released. However, this bag has more detailed added with a denim pocket sewn onto the front and a quilted pattern fabric used for the side and bottom. 
recycled denim and leather tote bag
Our third bag is the denim date night bag. Also a recreation of the original date night bag, except it has denim on the top. The fun detail on this design is the denim has a padded reinforcement that allows for fun 3D type stitch designs. Kind of like the padded handbags you see from designer bags such as Chanel or Gucci. So, yeah girl, we can do that over her too!
denim and leather date night bag
Fourth, we have the mini crossbody bag. This is that bag for the ones who just prefer something small and free hands. Trust when we say it'll fit plenty. The artsy accent on this handbag is a leopard print suede leather. It is finished with and adjustable cotton strap that will allow you to wear as a crossbody, a traditional shoulder, or even carry it in your hand, if that's your style. 
recycled denim and leopard leather mini round crossbody bag
The fifth bag is a must have! The midi denim weekender. Why do we call it midi? Well, it's not like your super larger weekender but it's definitely bigger than a standard sized purse. She gives you plenty of room for a weekend getaway or you can use it as a carry on. You could even just use it out on the streets! Details on this handbag include 6 purse feet, piping, outside and inside zippered pockets, top handle straps and, of course, an adjustable cotton strap. Oh, did I mention the lining is a sport lining? So, you can wipe it down easily, without damaging your weekender. 
recycled denim and leather weekender bag
recycled denim and leather weekender
The last handbag is our "denim like" bag. You know we couldn't do a collection without having some fringe! Another recreation, it's the denim like oversized fringe clutch. The only thing that is a little different with this clutch is some shortening of the fringe. But trust, it doesn't take away from the fun of the bag!
denim like oversized leather fringe clutch and crossbody bag
Alright y'all, that's it! I hope y'all enjoy this new collection. Until next time!
J. Christine
Shop the "Denim Collection" here: https://j-christine.com/collections/new-arrivals

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