Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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The Puffer Handbag Collection

Oh hey! Welcome to winter. Is it winter yet, or we still fallin'?
Well, in AZ, we are finally getting "our" version of cold weather! Let me tell you, it can get cold in the Valley. That dry, cold air will knock you out of your socks! 
Okay, enough of that. We are here for the handbags! Welcome to #Onmondayswebagblog!
Puffer Bucket Leather Handbag
What's fun about going into a new season is that y'all get a new season of handbags! For Fall/Winter 2022, I decided to bring you the Puffer Collection. 
The Puffer Collections consists of puffer fabric. More so, the fabric you see used in puffer jackets. You know, those real big puffy jackets you use for super cold weather, like the snow? Out here in, in the Valley, we use them more so for fashion and style! For this collection, we decided to take the heat from your jacket to your handbag. Oh, and we didn't forget the leather!
Puffer Hobo Handbag with Leather
The Puffer Collection is small this season, consisting of only two handbags but big statements; the Puffer Hobo and the Puffer Bucket. These handbags are designed with a tangerine colored leather along with the puffer fabric, allowing the Fall and Winter season to truly show through these two handbags. They are light in weight, soft and supple. Allowing the handbags to move with you, throughout your day, but also having the Artsy Chic style that J. Christine is known for. 
Check out the Puffer Collection by using the link below. Also see our new "Sample Sale" section!
Until next Monday! 
Your bag lady, 
J. Christine

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  • Trina on

    You are so very talented. Love it.

  • Tari on

    Love the puffer bag. It’s unique, and I love the yellow pop of color. One of my favs!!

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