Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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Wild and Free

Well... here it is. The first official blog post of CE (short for Christine East). For those of you who are new and don't know who or what Christine East is, she is an idea, turned into reality. A voice not afraid to be heard. She is authentic and creative. She is, me, and what my brand is all about. 
So, that is who Christine East is, but WHAT is the purpose?? To create the most amazing handbags you have every seen!! Obviously (laughs and smiles)! Christine East, is a brand, designing handbags that cannot be found anywhere else. Each item is handmade and not mass produced. Each handbag starts from a pattern, designed in house, and completely finished, in house. Leather is what we love, along with incorporating other fabrics, to make our designs one of a kind. 
With all that being said, lets' dive into the purpose of blogging. CE wants you to be a part of her. We are going to share our process, our style, and, of course, our handbags.
Starting with the AKC Mini Backpack (Animal Kingdom Collection), this handbag is designed with a soft lambskin, black leather. The leather is accompanied with an upholstery fabric, in Cheetah print (also available in Zebra print), to give the bag a little something extra. Of course, we could have made a plain black, leather backpack (and sometimes black simplicity is needed), but when you are looking to stand out and make a statement, what better than animal print?? Absolutely, nothing! This mini backpack has adjustable straps, with a stitching design, a grab handle, when you just want to carry her, and bag feet, to keep her bottom clean. It is accompanied by a metal zippered closure, to keep all those bag necessities, from falling out. 
Underneath the design each handbag is made to last. Products are sourced for durability and are properly constructed, so that your CE handbag, will be with you, for a lifetime. 
Not sure how to style your CE handbag? No worries, girl. I got you covered. For this look, I am wearing a shear full length skirt, by Sadie & Love (picked up at Ross), Express mid-length crop top, Steve Madden booties, and of course a Christine East handbag. 
Thank you for listening (reading) our first blog post. Take the time to leave a comment or ask a question! We would love to hear from you! 
 To order your AK Mini Backpack, click HERE.

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  • jpxqlixstc on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Taylor Taffy on

    This is the first time seeing your page and it’s so lovely and I love the designs of your handbags they’re very unique I love to support small businesses keep up the good work 🥰

  • Alyssa Gray on

    The bag is just as equally beautiful as you are! I am so proud of you finding your self through your craft! Watching this process become has made me full!

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