Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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4 Way Fanny Pack

Happy #SEWBLOGSUNDAY y'all! I know it's been a minute! Things have been so busy with prepping for market shows that keeping up with everything else has been chaos. However, in the midst of all that chaos came some new bags y'all, and that's what we are all here for. So, here we go! 

Today it’s all about the Fanny Pack. This traditional bag has been around for years. Although, back in the day, it was more so for athletic wear, today the Fanny Pack has become more versatile and can be worn with any outfit and any fashion style.
I always design my bags to be worn in multiple ways, and the Fanny is no different. This Fanny can be worn four different ways. Let’s check them out. 

Traditional style, on the hip. 
Across the chest.
As a shoulder bag.
Crossbody style.
Soooo, I forgot to take a picture of this option, SMH.
The J. Christine Fanny pack is made from upholstery fabric, 100% linen lining, and an adjustable strap made from vegetable tanned leather, which is what allows this bag to be worn in so many ways. 

Click her to pick one up. It’s perfect as a gift for you and someone else. 

Much love y’all,
J. Christine 

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