Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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A Face Mask

Face Mask Blog

Hello all! 

Welcome back to Sew Blog Saturday! Today we are going to touch on face masks! I want to share a little bit of why J. Christine decided to take a dive into the face mask world. As we all know, we are in a weird time. We are in a time where things are uncertain, a little scary, chaotic, and quite frankly I know most are tired of sitting in the house! But, that is just what it is right now. So with that, we all have had to find a way to adapt. 

If going out is a must, face masks are a must. Now, please know because you have a face mask, that doesn’t mean you should be going out and about, just because. (At least that is my opinion.) Anyway, face masks are meant to be an extra level of protection for us. But, with the scope of how far COVID_19 has spread (around the whole world) face masks are not easy to come by. Most of us are doing our best to use whatever we have, such as bandanas, shirts, scarves, and even socks, to protect ourselves. There are even people sewing for the first time, just so they can create some sort of face protection for their families and themselves.

Well, this is why I decided to create and offer face masks. I wanted J. Christine to do its part in finding a way to help through this difficult time, that we are all facing. So, if you need a face mask, J. Christine has your back. If you want to learn how to sew on your own face mask, J. Christine has your back there too. 

Give, teach, share, empathize, love, and grow. We are all humans. 

Much Love, 

J. Christine 


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