Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
Welcome to J. Christine. The ArtsyChic bag maker!
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The Woman Behind the Bag

Sew Blog Saturdaaaaaaay!!!!! There is nothing better, let me tell you!
Welcome, welcome to the handbag lovers of the world. Today I am diving into, “The Woman Behind the Bag,” A.K.A. me! So, let’s just move right into it. 
My name is Julissa (middle name Christine), which is where my brand name stems from. From what my parents told me, my dad named me after, a now old show, A Different World (drop a comment if you know what I am talking about), but the character’s name was spelled a little differently. I am a fresh 30 years old, a Pisces, and the oldest of five. My personality is legit of an oldest child and follows the Pisces horoscope down to a T. I am biracial. No one every knows and I always get asked, so yes, I am biracial (African American, White, and Native/Hispanic). To be more exact, Nigerian, German and Scottish, and unfortunately I do not know the native tribe my ancestors stem from (go figure). I graduated with a BA degree in Anthropology from Arizona State (#fearthefork) and also have my AA from Glendale Community College. I have one little girl, who is a Gemini (yikes) and will be 3 in June. Her name is Phoenix. I am sure those of you who have followed me for a while have seen her pop in and out of my Instagram stories. I am a woman of faith and also a woman of science, hence the Anthropology degree. Human evolution fascinates me, from every aspect of it. But, God fascinates me even more and I promise you, there is no one more powerful. I am a person who has survived domestic violence and am still presently working on overcoming the tole that experience took on me. I feel this is an important part of me to tell you because this is part of what has shaped me into the woman I am. Also, please know that the domestic violence I experienced was not physical, but psychological and emotional. They are all the same and affect a person just the same. Soccer is a love of mine. I grew up playing club soccer and also track. My main event was the 400 M dash. (That is a sprint and the hardest ever. I had a hate/love relationship with track). I was born and raised in Arizona and have not lived anywhere else. Well, except for Washington State for like 1 week but that is a whole other story in its own. I love to be outside. It calms my soul. Hiking and riding a bike are probably my two favorite outdoor activities. As far as other hobbies, besides sewing, I love to fix up stuff. I am a huge DIYer and if I can figure out how do it myself, I will damn sure get it done. Besides outdoor actives and DIYing, horror and psychological movies are a major “hobby.” There is just something about those movies that just has my brain going (not in a scary, creepy, concerned way lol). Music… I love it all, literally. My music depends on my mood and sometimes my mood is just nothing. So, I am one of those people who will roll in the car, windows down, wind blowing, and no music. I push you all to try it sometime, if you don’t do that already. It will help bring you clarity and peace. Last, there is sewing. A true love. I learned back in 7th grade and forgot about that skill for a while. But, it has come out of hiding from my tool chest and is ready to help me make big moves, in the sewing world, in the fashion and handbag world, and just in the world of people. 
Well, all you beautiful souls, in a nut shell, that is me. I am just a woman who, like all of us, has been through some stuff, who has love for certain things, who does anything she can to take care of her family, who just wants to do her thing. 
With Love, 
J. Christine
P.S. If you have any questions about what was discussed in today’s blog, please leave a comment. 
***If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence please reach out to 800-799-SAFE. This number is for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Please know J. Christine is not affiliated nor is this an ad. This is just to make those aware there is help, if needed. 

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  • Sue Hancock on

    It was great to hear your story. I am a friend of Jessica and she had one of your purses. I just loved it. Such talent. I ask her for your site. I have also been through domestic violence mentally through my ex husband. It has been 17 years when I left him. I still feel insecure at times. More times then I want to accept. Thank you for sharing. You go girl. You are a bright and shining Star. Blessings Sue

  • Camille Titus on

    Rock On! This was awesome! Keep the faith! Keep striving! Keep creating! Thanks for sharing!

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